Choosing Roof Tiles: Slate

15th December 2014

choosing roof tiles slate

Natural Slate is a contemporary yet classic roofing material that has been used for centuries.

Areas where natural quarries were common, such as Spain, England, Wales, Portugal and France are rich in the tradition of slate roofing. In reality, the majority of slate in Europe comes from Spain. Around 90% of the natural slate used for roofing  in Europe originates from Spanish quarries. In Britain, from Wales to the Lake District, mines offer some of the highest grade slate in the world.

choosing roof slates
roof slates

In many regions of the UK slate has become the preferred material for roofing.

Natural slate is a tough material suited to the rigours of the climate in the UK. Slate is particularly known for it’s remarkable longevity, up to 200 years.

Not only this, but natural slate also boasts an extremely low water absorption index, (less than 0.4%). Slate is thought of as the ideal waterproof material.

In addition, natural slate roof tiles can add value to any building. This, coupled with offering more lasting protection than other materials, means all the best architects, builders and roofers use natural slate:

Natural slate – the perfect choice for durability, beauty and versatility.

natural slate roof
natural slate roofing

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