GRP Roofing

3rd March 2015

fibreglass roof with solar panels

GRP Roofing – What is it?

Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics (GRP) is also known as Fibreglass. A well laid GRP roof can last 30 years or more with no noticeable wear. GRP is a highly versatile and good looking option for your roof.

Advantages of GRP

Whilst GRP is classed as a plastic, it exhibits some differences when compared to “traditional” plastics. GRP is, for instance, extremely strong. It has seven times the strength of steel. This being said, GRP is also very lightweight, making it a great material for cars, boats and even aircraft.

Another peculiar trait is that GRP doesn’t melt. Unlike conventional plastics, GRP burns like wood. Don’t worry though – it’s a simple process to make it fire retardant.

GRP roof
GRP Roofing
Finished GRP roof

How to install GRP Roofing

  1. Reveal roof joists by removing the existing felt or chippings and deck.
  2. Remedy any drainage issues.
  3. Re deck roof area with quality materials.
  4. Fix flashing and edging trims.
  5. Cut matting to size and use a resin on to deck to create a seamless membrane.
  6. After curing, apply pigmented top coat.
  7. Install lead or GRP flashing where the roof meets a wall.
  8. Extend under tiled roof if required.
  9. Remove all waste from site.
  10. All our work is guaranteed.
GRP Roofing
Fibreglass Roof
GRP Roofing with solar panels

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