Tiled Roof Tarleton

13th July 2018

New Tiled Roof Tarleton

Tiled Roof Tarleton Information

Take a look at this new tiled roof Tarleton, complete with energy-saving solar panels, finished by M&J Roofing Ltd.

This job began with a full strip of all the old materials. Next, we replaced the old roof with a brand new roof using double roman tiles. The finished roof also included a sun tunnel to allow extra light to enter the property.

In addition, solar panel rails, hooks and panels were installed.

Double Roman Tiles

Double Roman Tiles are a classic interlocking concrete tile with an attractive, gentle roll and subtle pans. The tiles are available in a wide range of colours to blend seamlessly with any surroundings.

Double Roman tiles give your roof a classic, clay roman look. They also have the advantage of being compatible with a large array of fittings and accessories.

scaffolding up
the start of the job
stripping back to the rafters
M&J Roofing at work
all change
work in progress
roofing work in progress
Tiled Roof Tarleton
Tiled Roof Tarleton
the start of the job
the old roof
laying out the materials
laying the tiles
Tiled Roof Tarleton
work in progress
solar panels Tarleton
Tiled Roof Tarleton
Tiled Roof Tarleton
the start of the job
the old roof
neat and tidy preparation
the old tiled roof Tarleton
Tiled Roof Tarleton
installing the solar panels
another view
Finishing up

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